Bats are weird creatures, with their weird look and sharp pointy teeth, but what’s so weird about them is that instead of sleeping in a nest like their other flying companions, they choose to sleep upside-down.

This at first might seem bizarre but when the truth is it a pretty smart and calculated style of sleeping.
Here is why bats sleep upside-down;
  •  Unlike birds, bats cannot launch their bodies into the air from the ground, because their wings don't produce enough lift to take off.  A running start would help, but bats' hind legs are too tiny to gain enough speed for lift-off. This leaves bats with no choice but to use their claws to climb to a high spot, let go and fall into flight So it would be easier to take off when they wake up.
  • Hanging upside-down is a great way for bats to hide from predators and danger, too. Since most of the animals that pose a threat to bats (such as humans and birds of prey) are awake while bats are sleeping, bats need a safe place to rest when it is time to get some sleep.
    By hanging out where few animals would think to look — and most can't reach anyway — bats can enjoy a safe snooze
why don't they die from sleeping this way?
    Ever tried sleeping like a bat? Within a few minutes, you probably felt all the blood rush to your head and had to get down.(to learn more click here) Bats have one way valves in their arteries which prevents the blood from flowing backwards. This is why they are able to hang upside down with the blood rushing to their heads.The heart of bats and their blood vessels (supplying blood to brain) are modified for their upside-down orientation, to avoid more amount of blood rushing in-to the brain.
Is it possible for them to fall off?
          This is almost impossible because,  when bats relax, the weight of their upper bodies pulls down on the tendons connected to the talons and they clench closed. The weight of the bats keeps their talons closed, and the talon joint locks them into position. This system is so effective that, if bats die while roosting, they will continue to hang upside-down until something (or someone) shakes them loose.........................................................

............ and here is a BAT-CAT

SOURCE; Wonderopolis

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