Pink bags, pink shoes, pink sandals, pink top, pink braids, pink! Pink! Pink! Just what is it about pink that makes most women are attracted it?

Their are many school of thought regarding the answer to this question but here is two:
Some biologists propose that mans “colour vision” also evolved especially in women since while the men hunted, women were fruit gatherers. This made it easier to pick out reddish, ripe fruits against a background of green vegetation. but the problem with this theorem is that If women evolved to prefer red, this should be universal, but a study conducted last year with the Himba people in Namibia found there was NO PREFRENCE TO REDDISH TONES like pink among women.
  • Social and Cultural factors 
Cultural norms may also shape colour preferences. In cultures where pink is considered the appropriate colors for girls most girls grow up surrounded with this colour thereby growing into it but this is not always the case for example one researchers work shows that Chinese women in her study, who grew up without commercial toys such as Barbie that promote pink to girls, showed an even greater liking for pinkish hues than their British female counterparts. So she believes that women’s attraction towards pinkish colours is innate.
                 The social factor has a lot to do with trends. The entertainment industry usually set this trend especially though movies where pink colour is glamorized and associated with cool and admirable characters. In other to be seen as cool by their peers lots of girls tend to imitate this characters by buying pink clothes, bags, houses etc. A good example is the Barbie effect (just made that up)
           But note that not only women like this colour, even squidward does.

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