Ever looked up to the sky and ask yourself; 
"why the sky is blue?" 
Why is not red, green or any other color apart from blue?
 Well here is why;

  • white light is a mixture of all colours of the rainbow just like cake is made up of baking powder, butter, eggs etc.
  •  light energy travels in waves forms just like how a ripple travels across the surface of a water,
  • the waves formed by blue light waves are shorter than most others,

  • when the light gotten from the sun hits an obstacle, this mixture of colours are either reflected (like a mirror) bent or scattered
  • gas molecules in the air scatter sunlight in all directions with blue light scattered more because it travels at smaller shorter waves
  • blue light is then scattered more when it comes in contact with other gas molecules in the air

This is why we see a blue sky most of the time.
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