Humans have acquired knowledge over the years which have made us understand our environment better but here is some really stupid theories about the earth that our great grand parents once believed.

  • Geoterrapinism Theory

Don’t look now, but according to some, we are living on the back of a giant turtle. We might also be living
on the back of an elephant or a serpent, but let’s stick with turtles for now, because the Cosmic Turtle is the most widely recognized “belief” in this particular category.
The Great Turtle myth was first brought to the public’s attention in the 17th century, after a man named Jasper Danckaerts learned of it from
several tribes of Native Americans he encountered. The Native Americans, however, are not the only ones who believed that the world rested on the shell of a giant turtle, as the myth is also prevalent in Chinese and Indian culture. All we know is that if we have to live on the back of a giant turtle, we hope he’s got a lot more Michelangelo in him that Raphael, because sure, he’s cool, but he’s also just so rude.
  •  Tectonic Strain Theory

Unlike other theories on this list, which are meant to explain the Earth itself and the various events that have taken place over the millennia, Tectonic Strain Theory sets out to explain something other-wordly. Namely, UFO sightings throughout history. Not only UFOs, mind you, but also ghosts, spontaneous combustion, and basically anything else that are thought of as otherwise inexplicable events.
Tectonic Strain was theorized by Professor Michael Persinger in 1975, and suggests that every UFO sighting and basically unexplained phenomena people claim to have seen can be explained away by electromagnetic fields that occur when the Earth’s crust strains near seismic faults. According to Persinger, these EM fields create hallucinations, which are based on images from popular culture. That sounds like a really roundabout way of blaming something on TV, if you ask us.
  •  Fixed Earth Theory

Also known as the geocentric model, the Fixed Earth Theory states that the Earth is, despite all evidence to the contrary, located at the very center of the universe, and the rest of the cosmos revolve around our very own planet. Though this theory was challenged by the likes of Copernicus and Kepler and has been generally accepted as being bull, some people have still refused to let go of the idea that anything but humans could be at the center of the universe.
Fixed Earth Theory was most notably argued by Ptolemy, and his geocentric model was used for astrological charts for 1500 years. It wasn’t until those guys we mentioned before, Copernicus and Kepler, along with Galileo, came along that people started to realize that maybe, just maybe, it’s actually the Earth doing the rotating, and the sun that’s located at the center of our universe. By the way, believe it or not people still believe in the Fixed Earth Theory. Those are the people you really want to avoid talking to at parties, and in fact, if they’re at the same parties you’re attending, you might want to rethink where your life went wrong.
     Its interesting to note what the bible says at the book of JOB it describes the earth as hanging on nothing; for more info CLICK HERE

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